Stem Cell Therapeutics – 2009

Regenerative Medicine – the Promise of Stem Cell Therapeutic

ABCtech embarked on a year-long program to raise the level of discussion amongst all those with an interest in developing stem-cell therapies for degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, arthritis, heart disease and many many more.

In June ABCtech held two very successful open-house discussion panels in Calgary and Edmonton engaging the public in an attempt to demystify stem cell technologies and the emerging awareness of the ability of regenerative medicine to fight degenerative disease.  In November, we engaged several patient and caregiver associations for engaging their members and the general public in a further discussion on stem cell therapeutics, ethical issues and the emergence of the treatment for a range of regenerative diseases.  The Edmonton forum has been videotaped and is available for viewing in the Library at  The Forum’s evaluation is also available – click here.

Several recommendations have emerged fromthe forums, that were well attended, informative and engaging:

1. Educate. Establish a provincial educational campaign led by the patient/caregiver associations

2. Deregulate. Engage the AB Government to deregulate stem cell research, establishing Alberta as a special zone

3. Research. Urge industry shareholders and government taxpayers to demand an increase in the priority given to SCT in research, restructuring and retraining.

4. Collaborate. Maintain momentum by engaging a diverse “SCT – ‘From the lab to the bedside'” campaign team linked to the Canadian Stem Cell Fundation for conducting a National forum.

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