QuikTech Notes – November 6, 2018

QuikTech Notes


The lead article is the second in a series of three about the emergence of the hemp industry.  Also, if you haven’t done so yet:  1. TechInvest wants your views about Alberta’s technology industry’s investment needs and opportunities and 2. Troy Media is proposing to help if you are interested in elevating your profile through more effective use of the media.  This issue wraps up with a summary of our 2018 Reports – free for Members.  Also … SAVE THE DATE of Saturday January 26th an event like none other, featuring all you will want to know in preparing for Alberta’s Provincial election.  Stay-tuned for features and announcements. – Editor


The Green Gold Rush Is On by Jesse Hahn, Natural Fibre Technologies

With demand for Cannabidiol or CBD in the thousands of dollars per kg (with several kilograms per acre available) we have now entered the era of CBD frenzy. Anyone with a heartbeat and a venture capital connection are the latest hemp ‘experts’, raising capital on hype with little substance, driven by greed and a rush to get into the industry early before the CBD glut hits and prices flop. READ MORE

Investors Waking Up to Hemp.  Investors are waking up to the hemp industry. Hemp is proving its opportunity for financial returns, and potential for social and environmental impact. FOR MORE

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The Farm Products Council of Canada is examining the merits of establishing a Canadian Industrial Hemp Promotion and Research Agency.  Submissions will be accepted through November 24, 2018.  HERE


Alberta hemp farmers are betting that cannabis legalization will be a windfall for their industry, with some going so. Alberta hemp farmers are betting that cannabis legalization will be a windfall for their industry, with some going so far as to draw comparisons between the distinctive jagged-leafed plant and one of Canada’s biggest agricultural success stories.FOR MORE


TechInvest wants to know more about your investment and financing interests
ABCtech has commissioned development of an investment fund for Alberta enterprises targeting intangible assets.  Please help TechInvest by completing the following survey for identifying the Alberta industries most in need for financing.  SURVEY HERE – Open Now


Troy Media’s articles reach almost a billion eyeballs each year – It’s yours to use
Growing a small business, commercializing a new idea, generating support for your enterprise – can be frustrating but it should never NEVER be lonely!  If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it really fall? If an idea is shared in a bar and never leaves, is it real?  If a researcher discovers a cure, but it never gets it to market … well you get the point. Troy Media and ABCtech have teamed up to offer an insightful seminar on the merit and the power of communications through the media. The evening seminar will be scheduled for Calgary and Edmonton in December.  REPLY HERE MORE including the dates and locations

Creating the New Alberta

Recent Reports.  Free for Members

Economy.  Fall ’18 Status Report on Alberta’s Economic Resilience and Innovation. HERE  See also HERE. The Full Report is available free for Members

Government.  Alberta’s Public Procurement Practices and Objectives. HERE

Youth.  The Voice of Alberta Youth on the future of work HERE.   The 2019 project is being extended to all of Canada and it’s post-secondary students. For more contact HERE

Finance.  Investing in intangible assets – the new economy!  

Issue #1. Funding SME’s: Is there a Shortage of Money  READ NOW

Issue #2. Funding SME’s: Why should we care? READ NOW

Issue #3. Funding SME’s: How do we overcome the risk? READ NOW

Issue #4. TechInvest – Alberta focused – New thinking READ NOW

Issue #5. Rich assets – Welcome inside the new intangible asset revolution READ NOW  

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