Alberta/Canada Fusion Technology Alliance

The Alberta/Canada Fusion Technology Alliance is an independent NGO established with the Alberta Council of Technologies Society to monitor the status of fusion R&D world-wide, maintain active relationships with major international projects in Asia, the USA & Europe and, promote fusion energy for Alberta/Canada.  The Alliance’s primary mission is to establish Alberta as a leader in a nation-wide program to anticipate and prepare for fusion, and to serve as a bridge between research institutions and industry – helping to develop the associated industries in Canada that will capitalize on the emergence of fusion technology to provide clean, sustainable energy and strong economic development.

The Alberta Council of Technologies co-hosted the predecessor to the Alliance including hosting an international forum and conducting a major technology assessment for developing Alberta’s pathway to fusion including a study of the feasibility of using fusion generated heat/electricity for oilsands extraction and processing. HERE – Vol I  and HERE – Vol II

Board of Directors – 2018/19

President – Glenn Stowkowy
Vice President – Chris Holly
Treasurer – Brian Kryska
Secretary – Klaas Rodenburg
Allan Offenberger – Past President
Glenn Stowkowy – Vice-President, Stantec
Robert Fedosejevs – Treasurer, U Alberta: Engineering
Perry Kinkaide – Secretary, Alberta Council of Technologies
Will Bridge, ATCO Power
Mark Brostrom, City of Edmonton
Bob Fessenden, Independent
Fraser Forbes, U Alberta: Engineering
Chris Holly, Independent
Brian Kryska, IMG Energy
Stephen Lindop, Town of Devon EAVOR
Rick Phaneuf, Alberta Environment
Charles Ward, Alberta Energy
David Schwartz, Alberta Economic Development & Trade
Ying Tsui, U Alberta: Engineering

General Membership for the Alberta/Canada Fusion Technology Alliance.

General Membership is for one-year bring the benefit of knowing that you are helping prepare Alberta for a more resilient future and the transition to a low-carbon, secure and accessible energy future.