Is Procurement Broken? Survey Results – Section A. The Contractors Profile

Is public procurement in Alberta broken? You’ve spoken – both as contractors and administrators. Our May survey results are crystal clear: shortfalls in expectations and outcomes prevail. The systems may not be broken but they are clearly disappointing- particularly for small Alberta contractors.

$Billions are spent annually by governments – federal, provincial and municipal, engaging contractors in the supply of goods and services. Public procurement is a core government process, a source of huge economic opportunity and potential waste.

We agree and hosted the May survey to learn your views of public procurement.

Results and recommendations will be released weekly commencing today with Section A. Identifying the respondents

Followed weekly by Section B. Assessing Procurement practices and C. Assessing Procurement Objectives. The concluding section D, will contain Recommendations and the conclusion. While personal responses are confidential, the data is open and may be requested by email for inspection and the conduct of associated analysis.

The survey will also be the subject of a panel discussion at the Supply Chain Management Association’s Conference in September – see event now.