Alberta’s Future

Alberta students have spoken about Alberta’s Future their hopes and fears.

I am pleased to be Chairing  the 2019 ENGAGING Youth – the future of work  fund-raising campaign for the Council.  

You will find below the essence of this Canada-wide project. This multi-year undertaking reflects our strong commitment to preparing youth for a challenging future through EDUCATION. The resolution derived from our VISION & LEADERSHIP Symposium on January 26th says it best:

GIVE YOUTH A VOICE.  Young people recognize that technology is changing everything, everywhere, and fast!  They do not want to be victims and they want to be heard. The rate of change and the significant impact of emerging technologies means that they must be creative.  And, they must be prepared for making transitions in their well-being and careers throughout their lives.

Starting this February, we begin a consultation with students, surveying post-secondary students across Canada and engaging teams of high school students culminating in their preparation of a final Report. The Report will contain their views and recommendations for:

1. INCREASING AWARENESS. Engaging students in an exploration of the impact of emerging technologies on their well-being and careers,

2. IMPROVED EDUCATION. Strengthening the voice of youth with government, industry, schools and boards, by sharing what students expect in their education and careers,

3. GLOBAL LEADERSHIP. Designing the project for 2020 for engaging students in a similar project worldwide, culminating in an international conference that will be webcast around the globe.

But we need your help!

PEOPLE please contribute

 HERE  where donations of $25 receive a Poster and $100 a T-shirt

OR HERE  for receiving a charitable tax receipt.

FIRMS please consider

$500 – Logo recognition in the Final report as Project Contributor

$5,000 – Logo recognition in the National Student Survey and Final Report as Project Sponsor

$15,000 – Seat on the 2019 National Advisory Team and logo recognition as Project Partner

Support in excess of $30,000 will be allocated to the 2020 Global Project.

For more contact me at

Signed  by the campaign’s high school student artist – Mili Cortez