Alberta’s Future

Alberta students have spoken about Alberta’s Future their hopes and fears.

As a collective of over 2700 Albertan students, with different experiences and knowledge that span this province, we unified in our deep commitment and concern to the world around us, and developed a vision for Alberta’s future.

Connecting both virtually and in-person, we chose to focus on four areas: Work, Community, Health and Wellbeing, and Youth Voice. Over 5000 hours of connection and collaboration took place, founded upon the consensus that as a united youth we have a voice that can and should be heard. We have developed a vision for the province that will contribute to our collective future, through defining and outlining a set of realistic achievable initiatives.

Throughout this work we have also identified several outstanding questions that surround definitions, assumptions, requirements, and restrictions identified during our conversations. They highlight areas for future investigation and further discussion.

In order to combat the marginalization of youth voices, these instances of collaboration are essential to creating a lasting, meaningful impact. We as the youth of Alberta are excited to be involved in initiating genuine change and contributing to the progress of Alberta.