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SYMPOSIUM HIGHLIGHTS – Hindsight-Insight-Foresight

QuikTech Notes – October 5, 2018

Economic Diversification and the Effectiveness of Alberta’s Innovation Ecosystem Dip

Sentiment in the resilience of Alberta’s economy has dipped for the 1st time since 2015. The decline may be related to pipeline uncertainties and further corporate constraint on spending.

Sentiment in the effectiveness of Alberta’s innovation ecosystem – core to diversifying the economy, also dipped. And for the 1st time is now below that of resilience. FOR MORE

The Economic Developers of Alberta has joined the project – adding it’s network and advisory input to conduct of the semi-annual survey. FOR MORE contact Leann Hackman-Carty.

RISING STARS Symposium – Personalized Healthcare Innovations

Alexander Suen has finalized design of our October 23rd RISING STARS Symposium – Personalized Healthcare. This exciting, insightful event is featuring workshops, a networking reception, and after dinner unveiling of 4 selected early-stage companies introducing advanced data technologies for personalizing healthcare. Register HERE 



Ontario Council of Technologies Society

Jac van Beek and a select team in Ontario are exploring formation of an ABCtech counterpart. “Our issues are similar. The challenge to establish an effective innovation evosystem are enormous,” says Jac van Beek. The Ontario Council of Technologies Society will be educating the public about emerging technologies and their impact and the development of essential technology networks. We are grateful to ABCtech as our partner in this collaborative enterprise.” FOR MORE

TechInvest – Technology Investment

Don Diduck was commissioned by ABCtech to establish a technology investment fund and associated credit union. ABCtech is completing due diligence on an MOA received from TechInvest spelling out mutual expectations and options for introducing TechInvest to prospective partners and investors. FOR MORE

Creating a Western Canada Hemp Industry

Jesse Hahn is helping Agriculture Food Council to capitalize on input received at it’s co-hosted industry Conference  for creating a western Canada hemp industry. Preparations are underway including strategic planning this January and a followup conference in the spring. FOR MORE

Engaging Canada’s Youth – The Future of Work

Phil Davidson has been appointed to lead our 2019 project Engaging Youth – the future of work, extending the consultation nationally adding post-secondary students.  2018 REPORT HERE

Traceability – Securing Supply Chains

ABCtech is very interested in the application of data, sensors, blockchain and a host of related technologies to supply chain management for addressing fraud and corruption, product losses and accountability. Ingeni has shared it’s insights about how traceability is transforming supply chain management. Read the article now

Public Procurement – is it broken?

Discussion is underway to further explore the findings and recommendations contained in our spring survey and report. LEARN MORE

We have a Vision – a more resilient Alberta  economy … and a Mission: 1. Educate the public about emerging technologies and their impact, 2. Develop the technology networks essential for innovation, and 3. Contribute to development of Alberta’s innovation ecosystem. JOIN ABCtech NOW

We are volunteers 21,000 strong, relying on members and referrals, services and events, for resourcing projects. Our Technology Industry Alliance is comprised of NGOs committed to working together for results. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ALLIANCES

EVENTS – Schedule

October 23rd Edmonton. RISING STARS – personalized healthcare symposium featuring four worthy Regional start-ups, a networking reception, buffet dinner, and 4 pre-reception, simultaneous 1.5-hr. workshops. Register HERE

FOR MORE – visit ABCtech.ca/events to view all events.

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Funding SME’s – Part 2- Why should we care?

QuikTech Notes – Issue 06-SEP-18. PUBLIC RELEASE. Engaging Youth – the future of work

Edmonton – Students are ever-more concerned about their future:  work and their careers, health and future wellbeing.  The emergence of innovations in artificial intelligence and biotechnologies are cited as central to their angst.  These are just some of the extraordinary findings in the report released today by the Alberta Council of Technologies in association with the Centre for Global Education.

The report – the second in an annual study that will extend to all of Canada in 2019 and worldwide in 2020, engages thousands of high school students in a survey and follow-on team study.  The project launched in 2017 with The Centre for Global Education was chaired in 2018 by Haley Simons of the Alberta Creativity Network.

Haley notes that “The project gives students a voice about the future of work and the role and impact of emerging technologies.”  The project leader, Terry Godwaldt – of The Centre for Global Education,  elaborated, “Of particular interest is the interaction between emerging technologies and education, and how they are affecting student confidence in the future. While many students when surveyed express a high level of confidence in spite of a concern about emerging technologies, the confidence is less apparent when engaged in more in-depth team discussion.”

Perry Kinkaide, the Founder and CEO of the Alberta Council of Technologies weighs in with his observations, “Students when given a voice are absolutely clear and consistent in their concern about the rate of change and the impact of emerging technologies. Educators’ need to listen.“

The full report – Engaging Youth – the future of work, can be accessed HERE.  An associated video captures Haley and Terry in a recent presentation before the audience of ABCtech’s all-industry networking event and can be viewed HERE.

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SPECIAL FEATURE. ABCtech Extends its Communication Services

Alberta – Today ABCtech is announcing two partnerships, one with Troy Media giving Alberta innovators extended reach with the media and Business on Camera offering access to video services.

Reply HERE for an exclusive opportunity to participate available only to followers of the Alberta Council of Technologies Society.BUSINESS ON CAMERA and Alberta Council of Technologies are co-producing a series of documentary films about Alberta innovators and innovations that align with their shared vision of Alberta 2020 and beyond.  Click HERE for exclusive video content about:  hemp, cannabis, AI. robotics, FinTech, blockchain and energy.

TROY MEDIA – Your company is doing ground-breaking work. ABCtech, in partnership with Troy Media, can help you tell the world about it.

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