The Challenge

Alberta’s prosperity depends on harvesting and shipping resources and commodities. We miss many other opportunities for creating and sustaining wealth. Alberta’s continuing prosperity will depend more and more on innovation, knowledge and enterprise. These are the cornerstones of a healthy, vibrant future for all Albertans. Diversifying Alberta’s economy through technology–Now is the time!

The Vision – Our Future

Innovation, knowledge and enterprise working together in Alberta’s more diversified knowledge-based economy.

The Mission – Our Role

The Alberta Council of Technologies advocates on behalf of Alberta’s technology-based enterprises, entrepreneurs, and industries for the creation of wealth in Alberta.
Principles – Instruments of Action

  • Representation – The Council will represent and promote the common interests, and consider the special interests of its members.
  • Membership – Council membership will be individual, inclusive and not constrained by their capacity to afford membership.
  • Chapters – The Council will encourage and support the formation of local Councils for supporting local interests, member education and development, and providing networking opportunities.
  • Affiliations – The Council will forge and establish affiliations world-wide with organizations that have common interests to those of the Council.
  • Financing – The Council will seek financing that does not compromise or conflict with the Council’s advocacy role.
  • Board of Directors –  The Board of Directors for the Alberta Council shall be comprised of interests and talents appropriate for executing resolutions derived in consultation with its members.
  • Congress – The Board will conduct a Congress for its members for electing the Directors of the Council and establishing resolutions for guiding the Board’s policies and direction.
  • Accountability – The Board is accountable to its members for Councilr resources and will set directions that are explicit and measurable and will prepare an annual report. Results!!

What we will do…

  • Leadership – Provide leadership for attracting active, committed and involved Council members across Alberta.
  • Enterprise – Stimulate an understanding of risk and reward for encouraging entrepreneurs And their enterprises to prosper in Alberta.
  • Resourcing – Secure talent and financing for sustaining the activities of the Council.
  • Communications – Solicit input from Council members for formulating policy and direction.
  • Creating Wealth – Publicize the capability of Council members for creating prosperity
  • Business Environment – Stimulate a vibrant milieu where competitive and accessible sources of investment financing, strong management talent, and world class ideas come together for supporting the formation of early-stage, start-up companies.
  • Partnering – Help Alberta companies partner with research enterprises for commercializing intellectual property.
  • Regulations – Advocate for tax regimes and government regulations that are fair and necessary for encouraging the application of Alberta-based technologies.
  • Marketing – Expedite the formation of commercial markets and supports for Alberta technologies.
  • Celebration – Celebrate the unique qualities, challenges and rewards of being a technology-based business.