2018 AGM

January 27th, 2018

Chateau Louis Conference Centre


Quorum Confirmation: Call for members present to indicate their attendance; 20 members present and confirmed in attendance

Review of Agenda; as circulated – note to make one correction to agenda relating to spelling of Klaas Rodenburg’s name; Motion by to accept corrected Agenda by OA, seconded by Bruce Davidson; motion passed unanimously

Review of 2016 Minutes as circulated; Motion to accept Minutes by Claire, seconded by Susan Carlyle; motion passed unanimously

Review of 2016 Financials, provided by Perry Kinkaide for 2017 year end; <>; Motion to accept 2017 Financials as presented by Ron Maine, seconded by Bruce Davidson; motion passed unanimously

President’s report – Klaas presented 2017 initiatives and progress we have made relating to our overall objectives as were discussed earlier in the day at the Strategy meeting. Key initiatives are under way with regard to the proposed Credit Union initiative to support new innovation and entrepreneurs in Alberta, Engaging Youth (The Future of Work) and continued efforts to support and engage Alberta based companies, public sector, and organizations who share our vision and objectives.

2017 Board Introduction; as provided in the AGM materials provided.

Motion to elect Kemal Dhaliwal to the ABCtech Board, Motion by Don Eastcott, seconded by Bud Norris; passed unanimously

Motion for Kewal Dhaliwal to be elected as Treasurer. Motion by Sharon McLean, seconded by Ken Bainey; passed unanimously

Motion to appoint J&J to serve as auditor / reviewer of ABCtech financial records, and that ABCtech accept annual Financial Review of financials rather than full audit. Motion to accept by Sharon McLean, seconded by Scott; Motion passed unanimously

Adjournment at 6:00pm

Following ABCtech AGM, Perry Kinkaide read welcome message and greetings from City of Edmonton Councillor Mike Nickel – and introduced Ms. Karen Wichuk, Executive Lead for Health City – Edmonton