Perry is an accomplished manager and visionary, a change agent with passion and perspective.  Since retiring in 2001, Perry has remained active as an advisor and director for several diverse public and private organizations. He is the Founder (2005) and Past-President of the Alberta Council of Technologies. Hispre-retirement positions include:Canadian Knowledge Management Practice Leader and Managing Partnerfor KPMG Consulting in Edmonton (1987-2001). Assistant Deputy Minister, Director of Privatization and Funding Reform, Edmonton Regional Director and Regional Coordinator of Services for the Handicapped with the Alberta Government (1972-1986). He received his BA from Colgate University in 1964 and MSc and PhD from the University of Alberta in 1972 in Brain Research.


Perry's retirement since 2001 has been largely devoted to development of the Alberta Council of Technologies Society. The non-profit, independent Society ofnow over 16,000 subscribers, advocates, educates, and celebrates the commercialization of emerging technologies, contributing to diversifying Alberta’s economy.  He was recognized in the July 2007 by Alberta Venture magazine as one of the 50 "most influential" Albertans.


Perry currently serves as advisor to the post-secondary students’ ABCampus Society, is co-Chair of the Canadian/Alberta Fusion Energy Program and Director of the Alberta Cell Therapy Alliance.  He is co-founder of the Alberta CleanTech Industry Alliance, and Chaired the “Analytics, Big Data, and The Cloud Conference for 2012 and 2013 and Chairedthe Alberta Congress Board’s 2012 Conference,Innovation & Our Future Workforce – Are We on the Right Path?


Perry is frequently called upon to serve as a mentor for young entrepreneurs and to share his sometimes humourous, always insightful and often provocative, perspectives on economic diversification and the social and economic implications of emerging technologies.


Recent videos: - Canadian Club - Co-op Communications.

 Also Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs