The Alberta Council of Technologies Society has attracted the interest of over 15,000 people sharing an interest in the commercialization of emerging technologies.  Register HERE now for our Special 10th Year Anniversary rates - 50% off the following ...  You too can become a Member - $100/year or $25 for seniors and students, Subscriber - $35/year for our newsletter QuikTech Notes, or simply as an Email contact  to receive periodic notices about our events and offerings, progress and achievements in advancing the commercialization of emerging technologies. Beta Testers are welcome to test our pending offerings in Relationship and Knowledge Management.  


Growing small technology businesses.  "The Missing 'M' in SME. Why small technology businesses fail to grow" is our focus for 2014 including a survey conducted in Feb/Mar (MEDIA RELEASE). The Survey was followed by the conduct of pan-Alberta site consultations through Sep/Oct. Of particular interest is the impact of early exits - depriving enterprises AND Alberta of valuable assets.  ABCtech's provincial co-host for the consults was the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Alberta  The consultation is now complete with the Report and recommendations made public October 20th, 2014 HERE

ABCtech Media Productions.  The Program "The Next Question" has been created for US public radio and features 2-minutes audio clips from interviews sizing up emerging technologies: fusion energy, genomics & cell therapies, levitated transportation, data analytics and privacy. Let us know if you have a story to tell.

Unified Communications Plan.  Communications is essential for promoting the commercialization of emerging technologies. Social Media.  We have introduced several social media forums:      Pinterest      Google+     Facebook     Twitter

We are currently beta testing options for enhancing relationship and knowledge management for our subscribers. Also, we are drawing together our suppliers for developing a unified communications plan under the leadership of HABIT, formerly Ignition Media. The Plan is to include a complete review of ABCtech's communications options and messaging and how best to support our theme for 2015 - see below.


Fusion Energy.  Our global assessment was completed March 31st and the Report released June 25th, 2014. For an insight into what we have discovered in our visits to Fusion Energy projects in Asia, Europe and the USA, including the results of our Alberta Workshops on commercial and research opportunities, as well as the PPTs of project representatives who attended our November 2013 International Forum - Visit  HERE  including the Fusion Energy Assessment Report.


Convergence & Creativity.  Our 10th year anniversary is to be celebrated in 2015 with the hosting of an ambitious project - the launch of a collaborative economic development initiative to establish a Canadian first - a model Innovation Zone engaging municipal/county representatives in the NW quadrant of the Edmonton Capital Region and helping develop the receptive infrastructure to attract and retain emerging technologies fitting for the area.  PROPOSAL HERE and associated presentation by Klaas Rodenburg HERE.  Stay-tuned. Let us know if you are interested in the convergence of arts and technology, culture and science.

QuikTech Notes. Our periodic newsletter serves as a monitor of what's in the news about emerging technologies.   QuikTech Notes are generated featuring 3-400 word Member editorials and links to associated topics of current interest. Advertising is limited. Editorials are welcome.  To become a Subscriber to ABCtech's Newsletter click HERE or to become a Member HERE  View HERE for former issues of QuikTech Notes.
Data Analytics. After three years of hosting Analytics, Big Data, and The Cloud - the Industry Advisory is endorsing for 2014 the Canada 3.0 Conference in Calgary, October 28-30th and the SMART City Symposium in St. Albert,  September 18th.  For 2014 we are assessing the merit and design of a proposed Industry Analytics Centre HERE  U-tube interviews assembled of analytics interests from our former Conferences can be found HERE

Industry Advocacy.  Our Advisory Networks meet to  consider how to advance the commercialization of emerging technologies: fusion energy, data analytics, maglev, fusion energy, 3-D manufacturing, genomics and cell therapies, cleanTech, with another just forming as an Advisory for 2015 - our 10th Anniversary, themed Convergence & Creativity.  Do let us know if you`d like to participate.